(This Maha Manthram given a beautiful image, evaluate and assess its beauty and quality in every time in your mind.)

ekadantham, chathurhastham pasamamkusadharinam | abhayam varadam hasthair bhibhranam mushikadhuajam | raktam lambodaram surpakarnakam raktavasasam | raktagandhanuliptangam raktapuspitha supujitam | bhaktanukampinam devam jagatkaranamachutam | avirbhutam ca srstyadau prakrteh purusatparam | evam dhyayati yo nityam sa yogi yoginam varah |

One who worship the single tusker, four handed, with rope, hook and shelter-blessing symbols in hands, pot-bellied, blood hued, with mouse as vehicle, wide-eared, clad in red, pasted red sandal, adorned with red flowers, kind to the devotees, cause of the universe, immortal, originated along with the first creation, and the one who is beyond nature and man, will gather immense blessings and achieve the immortal heights to his salvation.

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Worship of the Holy Serpents

In the grace of the almighty who guide the universe and the one who is adorned by Serpents, the live ornaments - the live Gods which rule all the other powers! The prime form of all the mighty powers in the universe is the Serpent power, the invisible, in Kundali mode. That power enwrapping us, stays pure, beyond efficacy, season and the material body, on earth and the eternal power points. The self-originated Serpent vitality in "Moolaadhaara” (the prime cause) controls the three worlds, Bhu :( the earth), Bhuva: and Swa:Sarpa naadi and Upavaayu are closely related to the Kundali power meditated by the saints. Salvation from the earthen sufferings is the fruit of praising the invisible serpent power which also bless with prosperity in our life. It is situated in the Gods, Goddesses and the saints.

This centuries old grove was vast and dense forest area once.

The Legend of Kadakathara Temple

It is believed that the temple is situated at the place where Hanuman and his troops rested while going to Lanka for the war between Shri Ram and Ravan. One day after the Surya Vandanam, Hanuman was attacked by the Kala Sarpas (Serpants). Hanuman Suspecting them to be the Mayavis (magical warriors) of Ravan, Hanuman starts a war with them, but looses badly. In order to help him out of the Naga Chakra, Hanuman sought the help of Yogiswara(Shri Ganesha). Shri Ganesha then revealed his real form of the Yogiswara. Nagas herein were the bhuthaganas of Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha blessed Hanuman and sent him to Lanka. In this temple (Kadakathara Kavu), we worship Ganesha as Yogeeswara and nagas in their own form. This is the legend behind the temple.

In order to commemorate the event a special puja is conducted in the temple in the month of “Kumbha”.

Moreover, There is connected belief spread here that goddesses Panethe Amma's adhisoroopam (Parvathi Devi) is stayed in the Kadakathara Kavu. Panathukavu is situated 2 km off west side of Kadakathara Kavu.

Spiritual Vitalty of Yogeeswara.

Objects of life being Dharma (morality), Artham (object of the senses), Kaamam (love) and Moksham (salvation) the Purushaarthas, were strictly believed and followed by the succession of Yogeeswaras who gifted this place. The first Yogeeswara here is Aadimoola Ganadevan himself.


Poojas and rituals of Nagar Kaavu are designed, controlled and conducted by Thanthri. Special poojas as gratitude is of very importance here .Uthram in the month Kumbha is celebrated auspicious in which devotees in plenty gather to be blessed.


Those who wish to take part in the Uthram Poojas in Kumbham, kindly inform prior to.

  • Ganapathuy Homam
  • Ganapathuy Homam
  • Ganapathuy Homam
  • Ganapathuy Homam
  • Ganapathuy Homam
  • Ganapathuy Homam
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  • Ganapathuy Homam

Stress Controller

Our life styles create stress health problems and sorrows to us. The bellow mentioned conditions will help us to improve our life style. Hai friends, here I suggest you several tips for a better life.

Stress Controller: Our thought expresses certain names like Kamsa , Dhuryodhana , God , Evil (Deva , Asura) enemy , friends etc… These are the expression like good and evil. Take notice of these.

  • Avoid the wrong notions regarding economic, social and Political
  • The adamant attitude about my house, my party, my religion, my cast etc….
  • And we should avoid the negative attitudes in our mind like what, how and whom to live and act
    Instead of these we should give priority to:-
  • Imaginary: - look at a beautiful idol, evaluate and assess its beauty and quality.
  • Imaginary with music :- Try to see a beautiful idol while learning a beautiful music.

Meet good family, good friends, nature, beautiful pet, flowers, eat good and healthy food , read Good books, good exercise, good and healthy sports or games etc… .


Food should be healthy and hygienic and easy digestible.

  • Fat and Oils
  • Sweets and Salt
  • Food colors

Good Exercise

Practice Yoga and meditation. Yoga have been here from 5000 years in our country. The Yoga still is preaching by various sections and Hindu Saints in our Arsha Bharatham.

Change our View Point

  • Our mind is like a magnet. It is attracted by various good and evil things. We should re-cycle our mind with only good ideas.
  • Live in the present. Do not bother about your past and future
  • Good utilization of money
  • Gift according to your ability
  • Sorrow and anxiety is good for some extent. It is exceed that will enter in to a deep trouble.
  • Your ideas should be stable like a hard stone/idol.
  • Try to see beauty and good every thing.
  • Live like a brave. Sorrows and happy will come and go. But we should not change our Religion and mind. Let your future generation not to be narrow orthodox. Keep stable you’re Mind. Don't worship a sorrowdulness/unhappiness/sadness photographs.
  • Do your good duty, what you wish. If some section of society think that it is good. They will join with you, now it will be a group. Strengthen and protect this group.
  • Keep in touch with the others who have problems. Try to eliminate their problems and pour our good ideas into them.
  • Modernize give proper solution to the oldaged organisation, home, association etc...

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